Don't Forget To Rescan

Luke Bouma, Cord Cutter News on June 6, 2018
Don't forget to rescan
Did you know many local channels will be changing their channel number soon? This is part of the recent auction of locals that will force many channels to switch channel numbers this year or next year. That is on top of all the new locals that went live earlier this year and will be rolling out later this year. One or more of them may be right where you live today; however, if you don’t look you will never know they are there.
Want to see if and when you will be impacted by the recent auction? You should checkout our channel repack page to see if and when your locals will be moving
The ability to scan your antenna with your TV to only show stations you can pick up is a great feature. It prevents you from having to manually program your TV or skip over channels full of static, but at the same time it hides any new stations that have been released.
Recently I rescanned my TV to find I had two different channels added. Laff and Comet giving me access to great comedy and sci-fi content that I had been missing out on for some time.
So take a few minutes and rescan for new channels. If you are away from home and would like to check if there are any new channels, consider visiting our channel finder to see what you should be picking up at your house.
I always suggest rescanning channels every few months as over-the-air TV stations are growing in number. Hopefully, you will be as lucky as I was and find a few new stations to enjoy.
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